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Something Washed Up On the Shore in Paraguay and People are Screaming “Chupacabra” / YouTube

When’s the last time you heard of anything interesting happening in Paraguay? Well, that changes today my friends! The carcass of an unidentified animal washed up on the shore in Itapua, Paraguay and the locals are almost positive it is the lifeless body of none other than the… CHUPACABRA.

It all started Oct. 21 when this thing showed up on the shore.

Officials think that the creature is just a common monkey that has been dead long enough to start decomposing. The creature has been decomposing for so long that it’s tough to verify *exactly* what it is. But the small hands and feet lead officials to think it is a monkey or a karajá.

Like, why are people even touching it…

Credit: Fantastic Four / Twentieth Century Fox / nerdpulse / Reddit

“That’s caca. No lo toques.” – Every mom ever.

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But Paraguyans insist that the creature is, in fact, the deadly and legendary chupacabra.

And if they are right, that means the chupacabra has now made it’s way from Puerto Rico to Mexico and now to Paraguay.

Maybe it is, but it’s probably not.

Credit: Keeping Up With The Kardashians / E! / babe-lifestyle / Tumblr

Seriously. Take a look at this thing.

It. Has. Fingernails.

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Whatever it is, let it rest in peace.

Credit: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / 20th Century Fox / mavieserasibelle / Tumblr

Right behind you, girl.

Check out the news footage below:

Credit: / YouTube

Do you think this is the legendary chupacabra or just an unlucky monkey? Share the story with your friends to make sure you have a well-informed opinion.

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