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What Happens When You Mess with a Kid and Her Wheelchair? This.

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A Santa Ana family’s nightmare came to an amazing and touching end…an end that may restore your faith in humanity. Get ready to feel all the feels.

Milagros Perez is a 4-year-old girl who was born with no legs and depends on a specialized wheelchair to get around.

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The wheelchair had to be custom-made to fully benefit little Milagros.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, someone stole Milagros’s wheelchair, which is valued at $10,000.

The wheelchair, which is too big to fit in the family’s apartment, was left on the outside patio where it normally stays.

Southern Californians heard the story and felt like this:

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And the Santa Ana Police Department immediately started combing the neighborhood and city for the little girl’s main form of mobility.

For a couple days, Milagros and her family made do as people came to help however they could.

The local Home Depot donated a Christmas tree complete with ornaments, the Santa Ana Police Department put together a Thanksgiving dinner for the family, and a real estate agent donated a new Frozen backpack to replace the one that was on the stolen wheelchair.

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After hearing the story, Saul Brandman Foundation officials donated $10,000 to cover the costs of getting Milagros a new wheelchair.

George Objanyan, a local businessman with Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies, donated a stroller.

It’s incredible to see a community come together to help.

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But there is more…

On Sunday, the wheelchair mysteriously appeared back at the house, cleaned and ready to go.

No one knows who brought the wheelchair back. Police are checking DNA and fingerprints from the wheelchair and are currently investigating the theft.

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To make things happier, the Saul Brandman Foundation told the Perez family to keep the $10,000 donation for anything related to Milagros’ medical needs.

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How’s that for a happy ending?

Check out the news story below:

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Top Two Things that Make No Sense about Latinos on Campus


Top Two Things that Make No Sense about Latinos on Campus

Here’s What Doesn’t Make Sense about Latinos in College:

1. Why is college is seen as a necessity, but priced as a luxury?

Really though. We’re all expected to go to college, and you would think with such a high demand, it’d become a little more affordable, right?

Prices keep increasing, but we’ve kind of come to terms with it. It’s just one of those things we don’t really have control over. (And thank goodness for scholarships!) But this second point is something we can’t fathom…

2. Why are people on campus still looking at us like we don’t belong? Why are they acting like they’ve never seen a Latino go to college?

Please, it’s time to get real. Latinos are soon going to be the largest population in the US, so we shouldn’t be looked at as strangers… anywhere. Just like second generation student at the University of Notre Dame, Celeste Villa-Rangel, we’re kicking ass on and off campus.


Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW /ilikeubuturcrazy / Tumblr

What doesn’t make sense about your college experience? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to click the share button below!

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