Shes Only 5’3″, But This Latina Olympian Is Not To Be Messed With

This is Angelica Delgado.

Haven't worn a dress in like a year ? girls night! @lokita_peruana @vaniabel @albagabrielaa

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The 25-year-old Miami native is the number one ranked female judo fighter in the United States’ 52 kg weight class.

And according to the International Judo Federation, Delgado is the 19th ranked judoka in the world.

What’s a Judoka?


This is Angelica taking down her competition.

Angelica is the one in white.

When she’s not training or competing to maintain her top ranked position, Angelica takes time out to have fun.

Be ONE with the #tube

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She’s about to have more fun than she’s ever had in her life.


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Angelica Delgado is set to make her Olympic debut at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. It’s been her dream since she was 9 years old.

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While most kids that age fill their their free time with video games, Angelica was filling her shelf with medals and trophies.

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Judo is life in the Delgado family.

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Her father, Miguel Angel Delgado, was a rising star of Cuba’s national judo team. Unfortunately, Miguel had to flee Cuba.

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His sacrifice opened up the door for Angelica to pursue the sport.

Eventhough this day is everyday for me… Happy World Judo Day! #worldjudoday #pornstachedad

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Thanks to his encouragement and her passion, the Olympics went from dream to reality.

My city #miami #roadtorio2016

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Getting to this point hasn’t been easy.

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Training has been brutal.

And she’s done it all while working for her degree from the Florida International University in Miami.

STATS 2 ???

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Delgado is double majoring in psychology and health services administration.

But she’s just about to prove to the world that’s she ready to bring home the gold.

“I know most expect me to be content just being an Olympian, but for me, this is only the beginning.”

I always knew I would make it, I just never knew how hard it would be. My dad used to teach me judo in the backyard of our house when I was 9 years old. The first judo school my dad ever took me to was owned and operated by another Cuban exile (like most of Miami) named Lorenzo Mesa. He passed away a few years ago and I never had the chance to thank him for teaching me the most important lesson in judo… How to fall and get back up. My whole life I have fallen. I have been beaten down both mentally and physically. Yet, I have always loved the struggle. The one thing that has always come natural to me is proving people wrong. The first coach that ever believed in me (aside from my dad) was German Velazco. He saw how bad I wanted it and that I was willing to work harder than anyone. Since moving to Ki-itsu-sai National Training Center in 2003 Jhonny Prado has personally paid for any judo tournament I wanted/ needed to get too. After I failed to make the Olympic team in 2012 I sought the help of a sports psychologist and physical trainer. Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez and Jesus Gallo brought me to a mental and physical level I never thought I could acheive. Aside from training me and not charging me a dime in 4 years, they did something extraordinary… They made me believe in myself. All of these people, my family, make me feel beyond blessed. I made this team because I am stubborn and because God blessed me with the best team I could've prayed for. As a little girl watching my dad's old judo tapes I always knew I would be there some day. I know most expect me to be content just being an Olympian, but for me, this is only the beginning. #roadtorio2016 THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ Marilu Prado Jhonny Prado Gilberto Patricio Gonzalez Lia Hatashita Jimmy Pedro

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Angelica Delgado competes for the gold on Aug 7.

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