She Is Not Going To Back Down From Pointing Out The Issues Since Trump’s Election

Navarro was in no mood to be lectured on “responsibility.”

Ana Navarro held nothing back as she went toe-to-toe with longtime Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany during a recent segment on CNN.

RandomBananas / Reddit
CREDIT: RandomBananas / Reddit

McEnany argued that Trump has already laid the groundwork for the country to unify around him by telling his supporters to stop hate crimes. She also argued that Trump has disavowed white supremacist groups “four times” and that he shouldn’t have to do it anymore.

“Let me tell you something that probably doesn’t happen to you,” Navarro told McEnany. “I get stopped by children who are afraid of going to school. I get stopped by Muslims who are afraid of going out in the street and having the scarves torn off their heads.”

McEnany then told Navarro that she hopes that Navarro is “responsible” and tells people that Trump has promised to work with all people.

Impastor / TV Land / #Impastor / GIPHY
CREDIT: Impastor / TV Land / #Impastor / GIPHY

“Do me a favor and don’t lecture me on responsibility,” Navarro told McEnany. “Listen, Kayleigh. When you are standing in front of a DREAM Act kid who is afraid of being deported; when you are standing in front of a U.S. citizen kid who is afraid his parents are going to get deported; when you are standing in front an 8-year-old girl who is afraid that her U.S. citizen Hispanic parents are going to get discriminated [against] and deported. Do not lecture me on responsibility. Do not lecture me on responsibility. I am not the president of the U.S., he [Trump] is. He has the responsibility.”

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