Do You Know What Shakira Was Thinking When She Shot “Whenever, Wherever”? Watch this Video and Find Out

Credit: CloudyApples / YouTube

Shakira Talks Confidence, Long Days, and Boobs

YouTuber CloudyApples (Kassie) got the opportunity to sit down with Shakira and watch Shakira videos with Shakira — WHAAAAA?! #Jealous

And you know what, Shakira is a lot like us. Around the 5:00 minute marker, Shakira talked about suffering in her 20s to prove herself. And at minute 6:10, she kinda gave shade to poor Kassie…all in good fun though!  She gives us life advice at 8:45. And, at 10:45, she tells us why she was so high during the filming of the “Loca” music video — hint: It, of course, had to do with a boy ?.

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These People’s Subway Ride Just Got So Much Better


These People’s Subway Ride Just Got So Much Better

Credit: helloU / Facebook

Passengers on the Metro Line 4 in Santiago, Chile were given the most epic puppet rock concert ever. Dude pulls out all the stops to make sure this Guns ‘N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” tribute was the most authentic possible. Luckily, someone had an iPhone handy. You gotta check this stuff out.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the puppet’s raw talent.

Fliriting with the Mic
Credit: helloU / Facebook

He’s got charisma, personality, and definitely nailed the look. ¡Oralé!

Like, seriously. This puppet is so live.

Head Banging
Credit: helloU / Facebook

That’s one way to make the long commute to work a little less stressful.

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Fog machine? Of course.

Fog Machine
Credit: helloU / Facebook

How else will you know that it’s an epic rock concert?

For a moment, both are lost in the sheer joy of performing.

Gettin It
Credit: helloU / Facebook

It’s so great to see a musician getting lost in their performance. #artislove

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Even abuelita is impressed with the impromptu concert.

Abuelita is Impressed
Credit: helloU / Facebook

And we all know that if you impress abuelita, it’s a job well done.

Check out the full performance below. It won’t disappoint.

A heavy metal puppet

Posted by helloU on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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