Do You Know What Shakira Was Thinking When She Shot “Whenever, Wherever”? Watch this Video and Find Out

Credit: CloudyApples / YouTube

Shakira Talks Confidence, Long Days, and Boobs

YouTuber CloudyApples (Kassie) got the opportunity to sit down with Shakira and watch Shakira videos with Shakira — WHAAAAA?! #Jealous

And you know what, Shakira is a lot like us. Around the 5:00 minute marker, Shakira talked about suffering in her 20s to prove herself. And at minute 6:10, she kinda gave shade to poor Kassie…all in good fun though!  She gives us life advice at 8:45. And, at 10:45, she tells us why she was so high during the filming of the “Loca” music video — hint: It, of course, had to do with a boy ?.

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