Sesame Street’s New Resident Speaks About Being Latina, Bilingual, And Proud

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For a lot of us, “Sesame Street” was our first teacher and the show introduced us to many kinds of people (and muppets) living all over the world. So we were obviously excited when it was announced that TV’s most famous street was getting a new Latina resident to introduce to kids. Suki Lopez is now speaking out about how her Latina pride will be featured in the show.

Originally from Miami, Cuban-American Suki  grew up among many other Latinos and has always been proud of her heritage, something that seemed to confuse people outside of her hometown. As she told The Miami New Times, “I once had somebody comment to me: ‘It’s funny — you’re so proud to be Latina. I’ve never met somebody who’s so proud.'” Her reaction is one that many of have: “Why wouldn’t I be?” She hopes pride comes through in her character,  a bilingual college student named Nina. You can get a peek into Nina’s world (including the bike shop where she works) on Suki’s Instagram. Warning: There will be monsters.

Sesame Street’s other notable Latino residents have included the Delgado family (Luis, Maria, and Gabi), lovable monster Rosita, and – fun fact –Boricua actor Raúl Julía, who played a handyman in the ’70s!

Below, check out Suki talking to “American Latino” about her Cuban background (which includes having lots of café con leche and tostada for breakfast – she’s legit) and what it’s like working on “Sesame Street”:

Credit: American Latino / YouTube

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11 Things That Instantly Remind Us Of Selena


11 Things That Instantly Remind Us Of Selena

Credit: mtv / Tumblr

When you’re a Selena fan, you just see things differently…

Like the flamenco emoji…

giphy (11)
Credit: mtv / Tumblr

You definitely overuse of it.


Credit: geniverse / Tumblr

The emoji hand pose has to have been inspired by her, right?!

And anytime you pass room #512…

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset
Credit: fixeche / Tumblr

Fingers crossed a hot guy comes out.

Old beat-up cars get you singing…

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.55.32 PM
Credit: @kombocito / Instagram

?Carcacha, poco a poquito?

And those random doors in the middle of the desert?

Amor Prohibido
Credit: EMI Latin / YouTube

Okay, you’ll probably never come across one, but if you did, you’d SO think of her.

When your heart skips a beat…

Credit: the-sun-is-on-my-side / Tumblr

(Sigh) Nothing describes that feeling better than the words “Bidi bidi bom bom.”

Even disco music was brought into your life thanks to Selena.

Credit: laljipota / Tumblr

Now Donna Summer is on repeat.

The moon, especially when you miss someone.

Credit: sailorluna / Tumblr

*Starts singing lyrics in head*

Love letters!

giphy (12)
Credit: No Me Queda Más / EMI Music / YouTube

And roses. If Selena were a flower, she’d 100% be a rose.


Credit: Selena / WB Pictures / the-lotus-iridescent / Tumblr

You KNOW you say these words in your head when you see a fat medium pizza in front of you. She helped you embrace your eating habits. Thank you, queen ??.

And washing machines!

Credit: Selena / WB Pictures / selenaquintanillas / Tumblr

Obviously you think of this dance move, not that appliance taking up space at home.

And you can’t forget: red lips, liner and big hoops…

Credit: @mak3upjunky / Instagram


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