Señor Canica, Paquita La Del Barrio, and La Dama All Just Found Their Political Look Alikes

Everyone loves a good doppelgänger and who better to match up with lookalikes than this year’s presidential hopefuls? Some you may already know… and some you just can’t unsee.

We all know that Hillary is really trying for the Latino vote.

Credit: mitú

We see you Hillary, but it takes more than dressing like a can of black beans to win our hearts.

Sad Marco Rubio = Sad Pop from the Rice Krispies cereal trio.

Credit: Andrew Burton / Getty / DHTML / UMBC / sandra6

From the hair to the eyebrows – it’s almost like Rubio modeled his look after this cartoon.

La Dama a.k.a. Carly Fiorina a.k.a. the female Republican candidate.

Credit: Scott Elsen / Getty

It’s shocking just how much the two have in common.

Walter Mercado and Ben Carson might look alike, but can Carson predict the future?

Credit: el Nuevo Herald / YouTube / Scott Olson / Getty

Maybe the hands will tell…

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Don’t tell Paquita La Del Barrio, but Donald Trump has totally stolen her hairstyle.

Credit: Vallery Jean / Getty / Slaven Vlasic / Getty

When you find out who is who let us know.

Poor thing. Imagine walking around looking like Ted Cruz all your life…

Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty / wiccareencarnada / Tumblr

El Mugoso, the spirit of the forests in Cantabria, Spain, has been here a lot longer… so who exactly is copying who?

Did you know that Frito Bandito was running for president?

Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty / @panchos_placa / Instagram

At least he cleaned up his facial hair before the big race.

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Either Señor Canica is Bernie Sanders’s hairstylist or his long lost twin.

Credit: Muppet Wiki / Charlie Leight / Getty

Could you imagine getting a “Feel the Bern” call from that guy?

This is almost too obvious.

Credit: @IrisBlasi / Twitter / @theirongateemporium / Instagram

Some politicians have brains and some politicians have the bod. We see you Martin O’Malley.

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Even Cholos Have a Soft Spot for la Virgen de Guadalupe


Even Cholos Have a Soft Spot for la Virgen de Guadalupe

Credit: @_original.oldschool_ / Instagram

Nothing says you’re a badass cholo like a tattoo… of la Virgencita.

All across your back in classic green.

Credit: @consafostattoos / Instagram

Or in full color.

Credit: @cesardatattman / Instagram

And on the ribs. But first ?…

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A post shared by Fernando Reyes (@chicomalox) on

Credit: @chicomalox / Instagram

The selfie so you know it’s real.

Many wear her close to their ❤️.

Credit: @flako_inking / Instagram
Credit: @ranger_aztekinktattoostudio / Instagram

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Or around the stomach works too, I guess.


Credit: @lucasbtattoos / Instagram

Other Gs wear her on their sleeve.

Credit: @rimktattoo / Instaram

That nipple ring tho.

But nothing shows your badass-ness like a Virgen tattoo on your hand, except…

Credit: @julietor / Instagram

One on your head.

Credit: @danielguello / Instagram

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