Selena’s Hometown Crowd Couldn’t Get Enough Of JoJo’s “Dreaming Of You” Cover

“I just wanted to pay homage.”

Singer-songwriter JoJo totally wowed the crowd in Corpus Christi, Texas when she covered Selena’s iconic English-language song “Dreaming of You,” during a recent tour stop. If the name JoJo doesn’t ring a bell, you might remember her first smash hit, “Leave (Get Out),” from 2004. According to Billboard, the heartfelt and beautiful tribute to Selena was not out of nowhere.

JoJo said that during her visit to Selena’s hometown, she made time to visit the Tejano legend’s statue to pay her respects.

Dreaming of You.

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“I had the pleasure of seeing the Selena statue, paying respect, and I’m just reminded of the amazing, amazing contribution she made to music, and how her spirit is still with us today,” told the crowd according to Billboard. “I just wanted to pay homage and do ‘Dreaming Of You’ tonight. I hope I do it justice.”

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