This Sneak Peek Of Selena’s Wax Figure Is Everything

Selena Will Finall Be Immortalized With Her Own Wax Figure In Hollywood

It feels like every month we repeat ourselves when we say Selena’s having the best year ever, but it just keeps getting better.

After the news that she’s getting her MAC Cosmetics line, we got word that she’s getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…and now this.

Madame Tussauds announced that the queen of Tex-Mex will be immortalized with her own wax figure at the Madame Tussaud Meuseum in Hollywood on Aug. 30.

The timing could not be more perfect as it’ll come on the 21st anniversary of her last studio album, “Dreaming Of You.”

As seen in the video above, sculptors traveled to Corpus Christi, Texas, to learn more about Selena’s physique, mannerisms and her personality.

Colin Thomas, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hollywood announced: “At Madame Tussauds, our figures represent icons who have made a significant impact on our culture. That perfectly describes Selena. Her influence has transcended generations and her passionate fans continue to be inspired by her to this day. We recognize this and in response, we are proud to join her fans in celebrating her legacy by immortalizing her.”

This grand announcement comes after almost 10k of her fans petitioned for this to become a reality.

It’s only natural that our first question is: what will her waxfigure be wearing? The people of Madame Tussauds gave us this preview…

Learn more about the unveiling of this iconic wax figure, here.

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This Miami Ice Cream Shop Is A Cuban Heaven On Earth

Food & Drink

This Miami Ice Cream Shop Is A Cuban Heaven On Earth

@azucaricecream / @koei.meow / Instagram

Y’all. If you’re ever in Miami and want a super Miami experience, you have to go to Azúcar Ice Cream Company. Like, where the hell else are you going to find avocado ice cream or guava and white chocolate chip cookies? Answer: nowhere.

Deep in Miami’s Little Havana, you’re going to find the best Cuban-themed ice cream shop: Azúcar Ice Cream Company.

Spoiler: Celia Cruz has a strong presence.

First, let’s get this out of the way:

Credit: Celia Cruz / La Negra Tiene Tumbao / Sony Discos / art-of-life-xy / Tumblr

Speaking of Celia Cruz, you have to try the Celia cone.

What’s not to love about malta and leche condensada in ice cream?

Or spring for the Abuela Maria cookie sandwich.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are guava and white chocolate chip cookies.

They have just about every Cuban flavor you could imagine.


There’s even guava syrup to throw on that bad boy because… why the hell not?

My heart, my taste buds… Come to poppa.

Or you can get guava ice cream if the drizzle isn’t enough.

And for you avocado enthusiasts, there’s this to fulfill your wildest dreams:

Why isn’t this be a nationwide chain operation?

And it gets better: You can customize the hell out of your ice cream like only Latinos do.

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A post shared by Azucar Ice Cream Company (@azucaricecream) on

My body is ready!!

Sadly, you can only find it in Little Havana at the moment.


Though, tbh, where else would something so wonderful be born?

Don’t believe this is the best ice cream shop around? Just ask Fluffy…

…or even Celia Cruz.


BRB, going to Miami.

Credit: imaketrollfaces / Reddit

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