Selena Quintanilla and Frida Kahlo Get the Peralta Project Makeover Con Rolos and You’ll Love It


Ever wanted a t-shirt with Selena Quintanilla wearing rolos? Well, Peralta Project is making your dream come true and it is as epic as you would imagine. Dude totally nailed this series.

You might know Peralta from his República Dominicana series…

The Parade is in 2 weeks, Don't Sleep! www.peraltaproject.com ? by: @johnnyutahx #DRsnapback #peraltaproject

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Or his bomb-ass Morena tees.

Well, dude’s back with the Idols Con Rolos series and it is epic.

Who doesn’t want a Frida Kahlo con rolos tee? And yes, Lynda Carter a.k.a. Wonder Woman is Latina. Her mother is Mexican, Spanish, and French.


Credit: Futurama / FOX / gemini-dragon-gifs / Tumblr

Like, for real, though.

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And the shirts look just as badass as you would think.

Nailed it, bro.

You can get some Dora the Explorer con rolos swag if you want.

They grow up so fast, don’t they.

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Or you can keep it classy with Selena Quintanilla.

BIDI BIDI BOM BOM #artlife #backatit #selenaconrolo #roloseries #latino #popart #selenaquintanilla

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? “I could fall, in love, with you, baby.”?

Listen up my fellow Cubanos because Celia Cruz is also on the list.

Which is f-cking awesome because homegirls doesn’t get a lot of play anymore.


Credit: La Negra Tiene Tumbao / Sony International / roxananatt / Tumblr

Yes, girl. It’s a very exciting time.

Peralta Project also makes it possible to totally Frida-fy your life. #blessed

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Hello… #FridaConRolos #phonecase #sample

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@peraltaprjct #fridaconrolos

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And, let’s face it. Isn’t that what we all want out of life?

Credit: quped / Tumblr

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When the US and Mexico Battle it Out on the Soccer Field, Families are Devastated


When the US and Mexico Battle it Out on the Soccer Field, Families are Devastated

U.S vs. Mexico

When the U.S. and Mexico face each other in a soccer match, the ultimate battle is in Mexican-American households where families becomes divided. This Saturday, when the decades-old rivals plays in the CONCACAF Cup at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, it will be no different. Take the Brambila family for example. José Sr. will be cheering for Mexico while donning his green jersey while his son, José Jr. — who has a U.S. soccer tattoo — will be cheering for the U.S. Ayayay!

Makes sense since fandom usually starts with your birthplace. Parents, who were born in Mexico, support the team of their patria. But for those of us born in the United States, we can’t help but cross our fingers for the US to score those goals.

At least everyone can rest easy is when U.S. is not playing Mexico. “The U.S. is everyone’s team now too,” says Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Univision Deportes, in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. “For second- and third-generation Mexicans, it has become their No. 2 team at the very least. So you have a first-generation Mexican cheering for Mexico. And you have a second-generation Mexican struggling over whom to cheer for.”

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