Selena Gomez Wins Instagram

Instagram came out with a list of the 10 most popular posts of 2016 and get this, Selena Gomez not only took first place, she also took second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth place. Yes, you read that right. Selena took eight out of the top 10 spots.

The other two spots went to some guy – Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe you’ve heard of him, he plays soccer like really well, like professionally even.

Feast your eyes on the top 10 Instagram posts of 2016 and all hail Queen Selena!

1. A pop star drinking a pop.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram

This shot is from an ad she did for Coca Cola and it’s captioned with “when your lyrics are on the bottle” because those are indeed her lyrics on the bottle.

2. “Revival” tour pic with a lucky fan.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram

Fans love her heart of gold.

3. Selena looking strapping.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram

Gawdess, yes!

4. This one’s a thank you selfie.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram

She posted this photo as a thank you to fans for helping her reach 74 million followers.

5. A stylish broad abroad.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram

The denim jacket she wore when she was in Japan is big enough to fit two of her and yet, she manages to look effortlessly stylish.

6. This spot goes to this hot soccer player.

Credit: cristiano/Instagram

Cristiano, you’re hot and all, but we want more Selena.

7. Leaving it all on the stage during the “Revival” tour.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram


8. That time she was on the cover of Vogue Australia.

Credit: selenagomez/Instagram


9. This guy and his trophy again.

Credit: cristiano/Instagram

Ladies and gentleman, Selena wins Instagram and there is no denying it. Aside from dominating the top 10  list, she’s got 103 million followers. That’s more followers than anyone else on the platform.

Long live the La Reina!

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