Selena Gomez, Queen of Shade

Remember Selena Gomez, Barney the Purple Dinosaur’s pal?

Or was she?

Like when her former bestie was singing on stage…

Credit: MTV / j-14.com

Guess you weren’t that tight on Barney & Friends.

Or when her ex was singing/mostly crying on stage.


He seems to cry a lot.

Credit: CBS / Gurl.com

She’s good at slyly bringing up her ex’s cheating habit.

And when people insinuate she can’t live without her ex.

And her response to the the question all girls hate to answer…

Sometimes she’s so good, a little shade falls on her BFF.

Credit: MTV/ awkwardtaylorswiftdancing / tumblr

Ya…when is Taylor gonna take some dance lessons?

Or when people unjustly try to body-shame her.

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