Selena Gomez Reminds Us She Is Totally Us After A Break Up

Selena Gomez is currently in the middle of her 47-date “Revival” tour across North America.

Credit: @selenagomez / Instagram

By the looks of it, she’s having lots of fun performing for her loyal fans.

Credit: @selenagomez / Instagram

As demonstrated by the photo above, Selenators (yes, that’s what they’re called) love taking signs to shows.

During a recent show in Fresno, one fan held up a sign that read “Marry Bieber.” Gomez, who broke up with Bieber in 2014, probably thought:

Credit: Priority Films

Gomez asked the fan to give her the sign. Then she grabbed it, crumpled it up and threw it away.

Credit: @bieber_bitt / Twitter

Everyone in the crowd was like:

Credit: MTV Awards / MTV

If that’s not enough proof she’s over Bieber, there’s more chisme. Gomez was recently photographed hanging out with Orlando Bloom. Yes, LEGOLAS…

Credit: New Line Cinema

…Who was recently dating Katy Perry.

Credit: @katyperry / Instagram

Here’s the proof, via TMZ:

Credit: TMZ.com

The 39-year-old Bloom and 23-year-old Gomez were photographed at Mandalay Bay having a very ~intense~ conversation.

They were also videotaped leaving the club together. Again, footage via TMZ:

Credit: TMZ.com

What were they up to? Maybe they were trading stories about a common enemy: Justin Bieber.

Credit: Disney / @justinbieber / Instagram

Don’t forget that in 2014, Bloom reportedly punched Justin Bieber in Ibiza, Spain when Bieber was poppin’ off about Bloom’s then-GF Miranda Kerr. And yes, Bieber was still dating Selena Gomez at the time.


Credit: @selenagomez / Instagram


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