Selena Gomez Instagram Posts Are Worth 550K

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You already know Selena Gomez is the most-followed person on Instagram.

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A staggering 90.7 million people scroll through every mirror selfie and pool pic to catch a glimpse into the 23-year-old star’s life. Unlike other Instagram stars, Gomez doesn’t clutter her feed with sponsored posts, but ironically, that just makes her snaps even more valuable. A single sponsored post could fetch her up to half a million dollars, but Gomez is picky about who she shills for.

Do you realize how much money she can make with just ONE Insta photo? With one pic, she could buy 395,683 Doritos Locos Tacos (Nacho Cheese flavor).

Credit: DVogle84 / Instagram

Investing in tacos is never a bad thing.

She could also buy 256 tickets to Hamilton.

Got 'em. #hamiltontickets

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Selena will need to sell a few sponsored ads to make sure her friends can join her.

She could also buy 11,000 of these sick dragon piñatas (they’re 50 bucks a pop). Or she could buy one and fill the rest of it with the remaining cash.

A Dragon Pinata for Alex's Birthday #Pinata #DragonPinata

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Fill this guy with the rest of that half-million dollar payday and watch the chaos ensue. Guaranteed to turn your next quinceañera into a riot.

Or, 6 avocados.

#avacado #vegan First Avocados from my tree in 2016

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Our math might be wrong, but avocados are more expensive than you’d think.

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MMA Fighter Nate Diaz Laughs When Asked About His Justin Bieber 'Beef'


MMA Fighter Nate Diaz Laughs When Asked About His Justin Bieber ‘Beef’

If you follow MMA, you remember last year’s epic war of words between Irish fighter Conor McGregor and Stockton, Calif., native Nate Diaz. Before the fight, McGregor landed the best blows. During the fight, Diaz choked McGregor out and quieted him down for a bit. Although Nate Diaz’s defeat of Conor McGregor at UFC 196 silenced a lot of haters, some didn’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

After the match, Justin Bieber called out Diaz on social media, saying that he still thought Conor was the better fighter.

Here’s some life advice. Don’t ever call out a UFC fighter. You know the satisfying feeling you get when you pop bubble wrap? That’s how Diaz feels when he breaks bones. And you want to call this guy out?

Diaz playfully explained his Bieber beef to Conan O’Brien this past week.

Credit: Team COCO / YouTube

As expected, the whole thing played out like a Taco Bell meal, which is to say the beef wasn’t entirely real. Diaz and Bieber ended up at a night club in LA, and both men — no strangers to publicity — took the opportunity to catch a photo with one another for their Instagram.

Diaz and Bieber gettin’ chummy on Instagram.

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All good doe 💯

A post shared by Nate Diaz (@natediaz209) on

For now, the only person Diaz is concerned with is Conor McGregor, who he’s set to throw down with at UFC 202 on August 20.

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