Selena Gomez Got Dragged All Over Twitter Because Of One Tweet

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Over the weekend, the simmering Taylor Swift-Kanye West feud exploded all over Twitter, but this time it was Kim Kardashian West vs. Taylor Swift. Apparently, after Swift rebuked claims that she was cool with West’s lyrics about her in the song “Famous,” Kim K took to Snapchat with receipts. Kim K posted several videos appearing to show that Kanye and Swift had in fact discussed the lyrics. What happened next is all thank to the celeb-obsessed world of Twitter.

If you need to catch up, here is the video everyone is talking about.

The video, uploaded to Kim Kardashian West’s Snapchat, allegedly shows Kanye West talking with Taylor Swift and discussing the lyrics that West is considering using in “Famous.” The footage appears to contradict Swift’s claims that she disapproved of the song and advised West against using misogynistic lyrics.

Of course, Swift took to social media to state her side of the story.

Chismosas and chismosos everywhere began salivating.

As a loyal squad member, Selena Gomez appeared to come out in full defense of her bestie.

Seems like a harmless tweet, right? Well, you are very wrong.

Almost immediately, people went after Gomez, accusing her of being a hypocrite.

Several people pointed out that Gomez uses her social media for “important stuff” like promoting brands.

Some wondered why she wasn’t more vocal during some of the recent attacks in the U.S., like Orlando.

Though, to be fair, she was part of a group of singers including Jennifer Lopez and Prince Royce who created “Hands,” a tribute song for those lost in the Orlando attack.

They really went after her for not being more vocal on domestic and global issues.

And others were QUICK to point out that Kim K has been vocal about #blacklivesmatter.

Gomez didn’t appear to help her cause when she implied that Twitter hashtags do absolutely nothing.

Credit: @selenagomez / Twitter

Gomez later deleted the tweet, but several people clarified that #blacklivesmatter isn’t about taking sides.

To be clear, saying #blacklivesmatter does not mean you are picking sides or saying other lives don’t matter, but tell Gomez that. “The statement “black lives matter” is not an anti-white proposition,” reads a post on the Black Lives Matter website. “Contained within the statement is an unspoken but implied “too,” as in “black lives matter, too,” which suggests that the statement is one of inclusion rather than exclusion.”

The whole squad connection was called into question since it is the first time people have seen Gomez speaking up about anything.

Some wondered why Gomez was supporting Swift so strongly when Swift didn’t appear to do the same for her.

But others just wanted to know when she even became involved with social justice.

Once again, to be fair, Gomez may not be as vocal on social media as some would like, but she has done lots of charity work. Just an FYI, UNICEF has Selena Gomez listed as an ambassador since 2009 and, more than that, she has held charity concerts and participated in the Tap Project to get clean drinking water to children in need. She even donated some of her North Carolina concert proceeds to Equality North Carolina to fight against HB2 (you know, that anti-trans bathroom law that caused several businesses and celebs to pull out of North Carolina events).

So some people renounced their fandom…

Though, one photo summed up all the angst and emotion surrounding Gomez’s tweets.

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Things Only Multicultural Latinos Will Understand


Things Only Multicultural Latinos Will Understand


Growing up Latino in the U.S. can be a pretty amusing experience: navigating between Spanish and English (thankfully, we’ve also got Spanglish), teaching mami to dance hip-hop and your gringo friends how to move to bachata (or trying to, at least), and constantly comparing fast food con la comida de abuela. But what about those of us with parents from different Latin countries? Things can get a bit more interesante:

1. You know how to speak at least two types of Spanish.


You start your day with the Colombian “¿Qué pasó papito, si durmió bien?” and end it with “¿Qué onda, mijo? ¿Cómo te fue en la escuela?” Or maybe you mix your “dale” and “wepa” with an “hijole” from time to time.

2. You can’t decide which abuela’s cooking you like better.


Dad’s mom makes some mean pupusas, but you have never tried a better ceviche than your otra abuelita’s.

3. You have a pretty diverse record collection at your house.

lzlwYRF 2

On Saturdays mornings, your mami blasts merengue while forcing you to mop the floors. At night, your dad has his boys over for tango and wine.

3. You live in three different time zones, at least.

time zone

10 p.m. in L.A. = 11 p.m. in Nicaragua = 1 a.m. in Venezuela. And let’s not even think about daylight saving times.

4. “Traveler” is your middle name.


For Thanksgiving, your family travels to Queens to visit los primos, and then less than a month later, you’re celebrating Christmas in Santiago de Chile. You end the year burning año viejos in Quito.

5. Your parents’ arguments can get pretty interesting.

What-Excuse-me-Say-what-GIF 2

Usually, they’re short and to the point because they don’t really understand each other’s slang.

6. You get to pick and choose!


Depending on who’s asking, you can be nicaragüense, panameño or Americano. Or all three!

7. You’ve basically made up your own language.

14572-Jennifer-Lopez-Selena-Movie-Quotes.-Luv-It-I-Speak-Spanglish-Too-... 2

A mix of “¿Qué bolá?,” “salir embalado” and “hanguear,” your lingo is Spanglish Reloaded.

8. You have the best of three worlds.


From mami’s pajón to papi’s love of baseball, you’re quite the awesome mezcla. Be proud!

9 Things Every Latino Who Grew Up With A Gringo Parent Will Understand

Is your family made up of different cultures? Do you love it? Wanna invite us over for dinner?

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