Selena Gomez Gets Naughty In New Netflix Flick

Selena Gomez Ask This Dude With A Disability If His Penis Works

Netflix announced the new feature film “The Fundamentals of Caring” starring former Disney tween star Selena Gomez. And in this role, she’s far from the squeaky clean characters she played when she was younger. Here, she’s dropping F-bombs left and right and getting painfully blunt. In the first clip, we see her talking to a boy who reveals he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Normally, someone would be careful about asking insensitive questions about any disorder, but not Selena’s character. She gets straight to the point and asks, “Does your penis still work?” She’s come a looong way from her days holding hands with an imaginary dinosaur singing the “I Love You” song. See what other borderline offensive things she blurts out.

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This "Panda" Parody Will Bring Back Memories Of Getting Hit With The Chancla


This “Panda” Parody Will Bring Back Memories Of Getting Hit With The Chancla

CREDIT: Natalya La Mexicana / YouTube

Warning: if you have ever been pegged, slapped, or flogged with a chancla, turn away now.

Much like the hidden blade in “Assassin’s Creed,” the chancla is the weapon of choice for Latina mothers.  They keep their chanclas hidden in plain sight, waiting for deployment if you push them to the damn edge. There were times when my mother wasn’t even wearing them and suddenly one was flying directly at my head or back or legs. One time my tia threw a chancla that hit me and three of my cousins in a single toss. We weren’t even doing anything, she just said that we looked like we were about to do something. We still flinch when she goes to scratch her ankles.

Now you can relive your chancla-inflicted PTSD with this parody of Desiigner’s  “Panda.” Don’t get confused though. “Panda” is a song about pandas, or possibly about the BMW X6, both of which are cute, fun things. Chanclas aren’t any of those things. “Chancla” came to our attention after this recent post, when the talented Natalya La Mexicana posted a link to her video in our comments section. We’re glad she did.

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