Selena Fans Who Nailed the Look At Fiesta de la Flor


Not even torrential rains kept thousands of Selena fans from Fiesta de la Flor in Corpus Christi, Texas–or from flaunting their favorite Selena look. Afterall, it’s #SiempreSelena.

She kept it hot in the famous bustier.

The signature Selena curl?! Bravo for going the extra mile.

Double the fun with two outfits.

The purple jumpsuit is always a fan fave.

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Selena lookalike and her mini-me.

She was so excited to see #Selena #FiestaDeLaFlorCC #PhotoGrid

A photo posted by Stacy (@jasminerage) on

Perfect 10 to this fan for adding the bejeweled Selena hat.

So similar, we had do to a double take.

Mesh top? Check. Studded belt? Check. Floral bustier? Check!

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Nailed it!

Almost as good as Selena herself.

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