This Seahawks Fan Won’t Let Haters Stop Him from Dressing Up for Games

@DarrenRovell / Twitter

The Seattle Seahawks, like most teams in the NFL, have plenty of HARDCORE fans.

Credit: Otto Greule Jr. / Getty

Look at this guy. He literally has the team’s logo painted across his face.

Efrain Lopez is one of those fans.


Credit: KING 5 News

Except Lopez doesn’t paint his face. He goes to games dressed in a custom-made charro outfit.

Credit: Charro Hawk / Facebook

He calls himself “Charro Hawk.” Dude isn’t playing. Just look at the detail on his sombrero.

Credit: KING 5 News

Earlier this in the season, ESPN reporter Darren Rovel tweeted this photo of Lopez, and it spread like wildfire.

Rovell wasn’t accurate about the “Seattle Si Hawk” nickname, but it appears he couldn’t resist making the joke.

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Several fans thought Lopez’s get-up was awesome.

Credit: @Ole_Overholser / Twitter


As usual, there were some trolls among the bunch.

Credit: @johntmitch / Twitter

Lopez, who also had to deal with a few racial slurs online, says he has NO TIME for haters.

Credit: KING 5 News

“I can’t allow that to really affect me. However, by sharing my story, I can maybe inspire individuals that have the time to be negative to take a look at who I am and who I represent,” said Lopez to Seattle’s KING 5 News.

Who is he? A proud Mexican who also loves the Seahawks.

Credit: KING 5 News

Lopez, who was born in Mexico, moved to the US and eventually became a naturalized citizen. He began dressing up as “Charro Hawk” in 2008. If you’re paying close attention, you probably noticed that Lopez owns both a navy charro suit and a lime green charro suit. That’s dedication.

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