This SCOTUS Decision Leaves Millions At Risk For Deportation

The Supreme Court is back in session, and they have already dropped some bombshells on the American people.

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SCOTUS reconvened on Oct. 3 to start their new session, which will surely be full of 4-4 split decisions. That’s mainly because the Republican-controlled Congress has decided to block any nomination for the position made by President Obama. It’s a tricky situation, since a 4-4 split leaves cases unresolved, effectively upholding the lower court’s decision. Those impacted by potential decisions are left in limbo.

The biggest bombshell is that they will not be rehearing arguments on the DACA+/DAPA court case that resulted in a 4-4 split last June.

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SCOTUS did not offer an explanation as to why they are refusing to rehear the arguments for and against a program that would offer protection to millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who are currently living in the shadows. The Obama administration petitioned the court for a second case for the immigration policies, but the denial was swift and unwavering.

“We’ve seen the success of the former program, and many people being able to, not just get work permits, but also start businesses, buy homes, really get their life settled,” Democratic U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego told ABC15.

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