This is What Scorpion Tacos Taste Like


The Deadly New Delicacy

Scorpions! Whose afraid of a little — and deadly — scorpion!? Well, you can’t skip on visiting Durango, Mexico just because you’re afraid. In fact, you HAVE to visit Durango because of the scorpions! And, yes, tacos are involved.

Indeed, scorpions are the iconic symbol of the Mexican state, but don’t be fooled by the legends, “People think that since it’s the icon of Durango and  you can find them everywhere, you’ll step on them or that it rains scorpions or that you’ll find them in bed and it’s not true,” says Sergio Avila, owner of Raices restaurant.

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As a matter of fact, Avila wants to change the reputation of the venomous arachnid and has figured out a process to get rid of the venom. Once the scorpion is safe to eat, he fries it lightly and it goes straight onto a tortilla with avocado. Who wants tacos?!

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