Saca Tu Bandera: Which Side of these Latino Food Rivalries are You On?

¡Ya se armo! Latinos are always up for a good fight. Our food rivalries are the stuff of legend, so much so, that if you claim a dish is better than another, THINGS WILL GET HEATED. Here are some of the fiercest rivalries:

1. Arepas – Colombia vs. Venezuela

Venezuelan Arepa

Photo Credit: De Pabellón/flickr

The gloves are off! Let’s start with the classic Latin American food duel: arepas. Colombians and Venezuelans are friendly foes when it comes to this masarepa dough creation, and each country swears its version is THE BEST.

Venezuelan arepas are typically thicker than Colombian arepas. They’re usually split down the middle and stuffed with drool-worthy fillings such as pulled pork, chicken or cheese.

Colombian Arepas

Photo Credit: http://alimentosdemitierra.com

Colombian arepas are thinner and are more likely to be stuffed (or topped) with butter and cheese. But you can also find Colombian arepas topped with ingredients like avocados, eggs and cheese.

2. Argentine Asado vs. Mexican Carne Asada


Carne Asada

3. Pisco – Chile vs. Peru

Pisco Sour

Photo Credit: Thomas S./flickr

Peruvians and Chileans give each other the side-eye on who has the better pisco, a brandy made by distilling grape wine into a spirit. The two neighbors will debate endlessly on which country produced it first, up to the etymology of the word. The competition is so fierce, it is illegal to import pisco from Chile to Peru. #NoChillZone

Peruvians are also extremely strict about not diluting the pisco, while Chileans lean towards a more modern approach to the process – aging pisco in wood barrels or mixing it with distilled water. Chileans also mix it with Coke or Sprite.


What each country can agree about? You’ll never meet a pisco happy hour you don’t like! Order up Peru’s adopted national drink, a pisco sour, next time it hits 5:00 p.m.

4. Wine – Chile vs. Argentina

Argentine Wine

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5. Mojitos vs. Caipirinhas



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6. Pupusas vs. Gorditas



7. Ceviche – Peru vs. Ecuador

Peruvian Ceviche

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Oh, we are stirring the pot on this one. Peruvians love their ceviche so much, there is even a holiday dedicated to it (June 28, amigos)! This Anthony Bourdain-approved dish is served with marinated fish under a bed of purple onions.

Ecuadorian Ceviche

Photo Credit: @losmesegares_restaurante/ Instagram

Ecuador’s ceviche doesn’t have a holiday dedicated to it, but it sure looks tasty enough to call in sick from work and just grub on this shrimp, lemon and tomato sauce concoction.

Which food duel is your favorite? Which dish is your winner? Mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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