Ronda Rousey Thought She Might Die in a Fight and Was Okay with It

There’s no question that Ronda Rousey gives it her all on the ring as the reigning women’s bantamweight champion. As she prepares for her 7th UFC fight in Australia, she recalls the moves she used to defeat her opponents. In some instances, she almost died…

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Like when Liz Carmauche, in the first UFC women’s fight in L.A., delivered a crippling choke hold that dislocated her jaw, broke her sinuses and almost beat her instantly. Despite the pain, Rousey realized she had a chance to deliver her now-famed armbar.

“I realized I was willing to die to win this fight,” she says. “I was willing to be a quadriplegic to win that fight. It was that important to me. I didn’t care.”

Ronda is known for finishing her opponents within the first round, some only lasting a few seconds. She credits her victories to acting in the moment and not memorizing moves. We’ll just watch from the sidelines.

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