A Scary, Obsessed Ex-Wife Stalks Her Husband’s New Wife In A Trailer For “Unforgettable”

Warner Bros. Pictures / YouTube

“I was really very scared to meet you…”

Rosario Dawson has been putting in work as Claire Temple in several of Marvel’s Netflix series. Dawson has not only appeared in “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage,” she’s also set to appear in another Marvel show titled “The Defenders.” If you’ve been missing Dawson on the big screen, she’s making her return in “Unforgettable,” a thriller that also stars Katherine Heigl (“Knocked Up,” “Grey’s Anatomy”).

In the movie, Heigl plays Tessa, a woman who wants to tear apart the life of Julia, her ex-husband’s new wife. Early on, Julia tries to empathize with Tessa’s situation until she realizes Tessa is willing to go to extreme lengths to win her husband and children back. The movie trailer makes “Unforgettable” feel like a novela on steroids, which is a great thing if you love melodrama.

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