This Instagram Account Is Showing Us How Mexico’s Rich Kids Really Live

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The mirreyes (a term meaning “my kings”) are giving new life to the whole “Rich Kids of Instagram” movement. These heirs to the thrones of Mexico’s wealthiest families have garnered disdain from the mainstream media in Mexico for the ways they ostentatiously flaunt their wealth: champagne-fueled parties, revving up their luxury sports cars and snapping away during exotic vacations. @RichKidsofMexicoCity (RKOMC) is keeping track of it all…

The easiest way to become a mirrey? Pop a bottle into your pool.

Moët baby de @j_bisbal #RKOMC #RichKidsOfMexicoCity

A photo posted by RKOMC (@richkidsofmexicocity) on

Mirreyes are notorious for showing off their wealth on social media. One Mexican rich kid even died while doing so. Twenty-nine-year-old Jorge Alberto López Amores asked his friends to film him on video while jumping off a yacht. But, as reported in the Daily Mail, he was swallowed by the sea and never found again.

Dogs are for #PoorPeople.

Jaguar de anónimo ? #richkidsofmexicocity #chic #rkomc #luxury #lifestyle

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While us plebeians over here have to be content with dogs, cats or iguanas, mirreyes and fresas get to have pet JAGUARS.

And when a pet jaguar won’t do, just switch to the other kind.

De anónimo ? #rich #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #chic #luxury #lifestyle

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The RKOMC Instagram account is littered with photos of expensive cars including Ferraris, Audis, Land Rovers and BMWs in ostentatious colors like red and naranja.

No Payless flats here! Only #HighEndDesigners for these pedicured toes.

Increíbles Guiseppe Zanotti de anónima #RichKidsOfMexicoCity #RKOMC

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Shopping for these #RichKids means strolling away with a haul of luxury shoes, jewelry and more from Giuseppe Zanotti (if the person above could even spell it correctly, jeez ?), Hermès and Gucci you can only buy after living off tortillas for months.

Just chillin’ on a little getaway, LOL!

Ruta por la sierra, de @martinchaparro1 #rkomc #richkidofmexicocity #rzr #supercars #chic #luxury

A photo posted by RKOMC (@richkidsofmexicocity) on

A bros’ trip for mirreyes includes off-roading next to a freaking waterfall in luxury Jeeps. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

Just need a little extra spending cash for that exotic foreign trip…

Para el extranjero, de @chrisbosstorres #rkomc #luxury #lifestyle #moneyneversleep #richkidsofmexicocity #chic

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Are you ? ? ? yet over how much dough these kids/teens/twenty-somethings get to spend? Most of these high-rollers are the offspring of Mexico’s elite politicians, businessmen and high society. In other words, not too many of them are self-made millionaires.

Flying high like a G-6.

✈️ de @markusvici #richkidsofmexicocity #rkomc

A photo posted by RKOMC (@richkidsofmexicocity) on

#RKOMC are not surfing through Kayak.com for deals on spring break travels (that’s for commoners). Leave it to them to jet off to getaways in ACTUAL jets.

To make yourself feel better as you cry into your cheap Corona beer instead of downing a bottle of Don Perignon, these #RichKids’ days might be numbered now that the Mexican peso is struggling against the U.S. dollar. Either way, don’t expect these Insta posts to go blank anytime soon. You know they’ll be #YOLOing it up for a while.

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From Oreos To Popcorn, How The Latin Palate Is Making Basic Food Better

food and drink

From Oreos To Popcorn, How The Latin Palate Is Making Basic Food Better

we are mitú / Facebook

It’s 2016 and companies have finally started to cater to our palate. We’re eternally grateful for the existence of…

Llena Tu Loko for giving Texans a chance to have a Mexican Yougurtland experience.


Credit: @cuaccuac85 / Instagram

You can expect to make mouthwatering treats like this at the Mexican candy shop.


Credit: @zquadfeelz / Instagram

*drools profusely*

Then, Lay’s decided to get in on the action by giving us Tapatío flavored Ruffles.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.19.47 AM
Credit: fritolay.com

And Pringles decided to bless us with a jalapeño option. ?

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.17.11 AM
Credit: pringles.com

Oreo turned the cookie world UPSIDE DOWN when it released its churro version.

Credit: @bodegasobe / Instagram

Latinos everywhere were like:


Credit: @ohsoprofilic / Instagram

I found my other half.

Who can forget when Tajín got into the potato chip game all stealth like?

Credit: we are mitú

Out of nowhere, bro! But come at me ?.

Again, us:

Credit: Rocko’s Modern Life / Nickelodeon / rmlgif / Tumblr

Remember the Lay’s Tapatío Ruffles? Well, Lay’s loved the Tapatío take so much, they put it on Doritos too.

Credit: @delvillarreal / Instagram

Yas. Yas. Yas!

For those who are more team Valentina, you can get Valentina flavored popcorn.

Credit: we are mitú

This. Is. Not. A. Drill!

Party supplies stores joined in on the fun by giving us a Chamoy fountain. ?

Credit: @darpaeventos / Twitter

Because chocolate fountains are so, dare we say, basic.

Even our Japanese primos are getting in on it. #EndlessPossibilities

Credit: we are mitú

Have your people call our people and we can make these avocado Doritos! Maybe add some chile y limón?

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