What the Republican Party Has All Wrong About Immigration

While some of the presidential candidates for the Republican Party are blowing smoke about the evils of immigration — yup, we are giving you side-eye Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — a new study reveals most of the premises of the party’s discussion on immigration are bogus.

“If you’re worried that the current wave of immigrants is refusing to integrate, assimilate, and ‘become American,'” states a recent Washington Post article, “then you don’t have to worry.”

According to the whopping 443-page study from the National Academy of Sciences, today’s immigrants rank similarly compared to native-born citizens in areas such as English proficiency, income, education, and rate of crime and poverty. #InYourFaceTrump

The WashPo article goes on to say we should get rid of the term ‘melting pot’ because immigration ultimately influences much of the social landscape of our country. Take TexMex food for example, it’s a mix of Mexican-American food. Can you imagine a country without wet burritos in almost every major American city?

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