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This Mexican Singer’s Music Video Depicts Violence Against Women, Now He Could Face Jail Time

Earlier this year, regional Mexican music star Gerardo Ortiz sparked a backlash after the release of the music video for “Fuiste Mia.” The video features Ortiz taking revenge on a cheating girlfriend, and the man she was sleeping with, by killing them. Not exactly the most romantic video in Ortiz’s career.

After complaints that the video promoted violence against women, YouTube and Vevo removed the video.

Credit: GerardoOrtizVEVO / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: GerardoOrtizVEVO / YouTube

Ortiz then held a press conference in which he awkwardly attempted to justify the violence in the video, comparing it to the violence found in a TV show or movie.

Credit: Dulce Osuna / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Dulce Osuna / YouTube

Now, Ortiz could face jail time for the video. Yes, jail time.

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According to El Universal, Ortiz was recently arrested upon arriving to the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was charged with “criminal exaltation,” which carries a sentence of one to six months in jail.

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Criminal exaltation, which is called “apología de delito” in Spanish, happens when someone publicly supports or attempts to justify an illegal activity. Ortiz, who plays the protagonist in the music video for “Fuiste Mia,” kills two characters and rides away into the sunset, which was seen as a justification of murder.

Ortiz was released after paying 50,000 pesos (about $2,700) in bail. Now, a judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to try Ortiz.

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Fans Believe Gerardo Ortiz Canceled His Gig Because Of A Hangover… So They Destroyed His Set


Fans Believe Gerardo Ortiz Canceled His Gig Because Of A Hangover… So They Destroyed His Set

If there’s one person you do NOT want to mess with it’s a Gerardo Ortiz fan.

Gerardo Ortiz was set to perform at 1:30 a.m. local time on October 1st in Philadelphia… when he decided to cancel his gig at last minute.

Credit: SNL / NBC via icicesttouslesjoursmercredi / Tumblr

Fans were not about it especially after promoters announced they wouldn’t be issuing full refunds.

Fans started vandalizing the set and throwing beer bottles at Ortiz’s band, who was warming up on stage.

Instruments, speakers, lights, chairs and whatever else was in sight was destroyed. Others, like Ivan Lucero, decided to stand aside and record the mayhem.

Ortiz’s representatives later issued an apology on Facebook, stating the singer cancelled the show due to health issues. BUT it was later confirmed by his team that he had a serious stomach ache. *womp*

Gerardo Ortiz
credit: Facebook / @GerardoOrtizNet

Fans tried to be understanding, but…

Fans questioned Ortiz’s “last minute” stomach pain, especially after the singer posted a photo earlier where he was drinking beer with some friends.

In the picture, he seemed excited and ready for his performance at Explanada in Philadelphia, assuring fans on social media that they cannot miss his show. “He wasn’t sick, he was drunk. Good thing I didn’t go!” stated one fan on Facebook. He then added: “Si ya saben como es, porque van?” ***LOL***

Was it la cruda or nah? C’mon Gerardo, tell us the truth.


Credit: jetaimeamourir / Tumblr

As for the expensive equipment – which suffered the most beating in the incident – everything is fully covered by insurance as told by the sound system’s owner Rodrigo Rodriguez to Univision Radio. Oh, and yes, he will continue working with Ortiz and providing equipment for his shows.

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