DJ Trio Los Americanos Performed With French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign and Nicky Jam On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Credit: Jimmy Kimme Live! / YouTube

Meet The Americanos.

Who are the Americanos? They’re a DJ trio from Los Angeles made up of DJs Felli Fel, Louie Rubio and Lex Larson. They’ve got plenty of famous friends, as evidenced by this clip of their recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The trio got a little help from Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana and reggaetonero Nicky Jam to perform “In My Foreign,” a light-hearted head-nodder from the “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” soundtrack. Nicky Jam, who recently dropped a new album titled “Fénix,” showed that he’s just as comfortable spitting in English as he is in Español.

Don’t let the name, the song title and the star-spangled graphics in the background fool you into thinking there’s anything political about the track: it’s essentially a song about giving someone a ride through L.A. in a foreign car. Fun!

Watch the music video, which features one name that was missing from “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Lil Yachty.

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This Boyfriend Handled His Latino In-Laws Like A Casanova


This Boyfriend Handled His Latino In-Laws Like A Casanova

@margaretzap / Twitter

We have all been there. You’re out with bae and before you know it, time just gets away from you and it’s past curfew. That’s exactly what happened to this too-adorable-to-handle couple in Texas. After three months together, Marc Doran got carried away during his date with Margaret Zapata and accidentally brought her home past curfew. But the way he handled the situation is so sweet it’ll literally give you diabetes.

Margaret Zapata, or @magaretzap on Twitter, is setting the bar high for relationships after posting this tweet.


“Sorry for bringing Margaret so late. It won’t happen again,” he wrote.

“I was supposed to be home at 9 and my mom texted me at 10 asking where I was and we were out eating,” Zapata told mitú. “She was alright with it, but then time went on and we were having parked car conversations. It wasn’t until 11 that we realized it was getting pretty late.”

Her boyfriend, Marc Doran, didn’t just buy her mom any flowers and ice cream. He went above and beyond and got her her favorites.

The Hills / MTV
CREDIT: The Hills / MTV

“He asked before what she liked and I wasn’t quite sure why he was asking,” Zapata told mitú. “She couldn’t stop smiling. She thought it was super sweet.” ?

Mrs. Zapata isn’t the only one who’s melting. People are in love with the tweet.

Some people are safely assuming if he treats his suegrita like that, he probably treats all women like royalty.

“They’ve gotten along really well,” Zapata told mitú about how her mom and boyfriend get along. “My mom thinks he’s such a sweet boy.”

But, a Latina mother never forgets, though they do forgive on a first offense.

But after a surprise package like that, “She did forgive him,” said Zapata.

independentb / Tumblr
CREDIT: independentb / Tumblr

And we can’t blame her one bit.

This isn’t the first time that Doran surprised Zapata in a flawless manner.


She thought she was getting chicken strips, but Oh…mai…gawd!

Nicely done, Marc. You’re goals.

Golden Globe Awards / GIPHY
CREDIT: Golden Globe Awards / GIPHY

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