This Hilarious Twitter Account Totally Nails What It’s Like Growing Up Mexican

Are you following StuffMexicanosLike on Twitter? No? GET ON IT. If you’re all about bailes, corridos and Tejanas, you’ll know EXACTLY what the deal is. Even if you’re not, chances are you’ll be laughing your ass off.

WARNING: There’s definitely some NSFW content on the page, so ten cuidado, plebe.

1. They Understand Life’s Most Challenging Decisions

2. They Know Your Mom’s Musical Tastes

3. They Can Relate to the Struggles of College Life

4. They Understand the Importance of Religion

5. They Know Bailes Aren’t All About Velvet Ropes and Bottle Service

6. They Totally Get That Setting Up a Quinceañera is Tough

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7. They Remember That Feeling You Get from Mom’s Home Cooking

8. They’ve Realized We All Can’t Be Telenovela Stars

9. They Know Speaking (and Writing) in a Different Language Can Yield Some Weird Results

10. They’re Aware That You’ll Go to Great Lengths to Impress Your Crush

11. They Know Your Parents Have Set a High Bar For Your Success

12. They Know Talent When They See It

13. They Remember That a Little Menudo Can Go a Long Way

14. They Understand That Education is Vital

15. They’ve got the inside track on the hottest music.

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