Meet the Band from Latin America That’s Been Sampled By Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys


A bunch of dudes from Chile inspired some of rap music’s most memorable samples. Los Ángeles Negros is a popular romantic rock outfit from the ’60s — you’ve heard their classic “Y Volvere” at least once. Their brooding, keyboard-driven sound has made their music a sweet source for rap samples.

“My First Song” by Jay Z

Credit: Melodical Connection / YouTube

The closing track on Jay-Z’s The Black Album, “My First Song” begins with two memorable samples: a Notorious B.I.G. vocal sample and the opening guitar lines from Los Ángeles Negros’ “Tu y Tu Mirar, Yo y Mi Canción.”

Credit: Miguel Lancaster’s channel / YouTube

“Do You Believe” by The Beatnuts

Credit: ImaaazeDa3th / YouTube

The Beatnuts, a Latino rap duo that helped introduce us to Big Pun, made this sinister track about street life, which is driven by a sped-up sample of Los Ángeles Negros’ “Fueron Tres Años.”

Credit: Jose Zepeda / YouTube

“Didn’t Wanna Do That” by A$AP Ferg

Credit: iS3SH / YouTube

Listen closely, that psychedelic guitar weaving around the drums is a sample of Los Ángeles Negros’ “No Morirá Jamás.”

Credit: lavellonera41 / YouTube

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“The Move” by Beastie Boys

Credit: apantahwthen’s channel / YouTube

It’s not a Beastie Boys track if Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA aren’t hopping effortlessly from one funky instrumental to another. The Beasties cap off “The Move” – listen for it at 2:55 – with a loop of Los Ángeles Negros’ “El Rey y Yo” featuring some beefed up kick drums.

Credit: Canal de korekono80/YouTube

“Lost in Thought” by Funkdoobiest

Credit: Hiphop Essentials / YouTube

Los Angeles rap crew Funkdoobiest, who were part of the Cypress Hill-founded Soul Assassins collective, took advantage of the soulful interplay between guitars and keyboard in Los Ángeles Negros’ “Como Quisiera Decirte.”


Credit: Julian Thome Pictures / YouTube

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