Radio Ad Trying To Scare Latinos Into Voting For Republican By Suggesting Democrat Wants Latino Babies Aborted

Credit: The Capital Times/Clyp

“I have a question for Feingold. Why should you have my vote if you don’t want our babies?”

Things are getting pretty heated in Wisconsin’s senatorial race between Democrat Russ Feingold and Republican incumbent Ron Johnson, and Latinos are being dragged into the mix. On Wednesday, The Capital Times reported that the conservative Americas PAC ran an ad on Spanish radio that not so subtly suggests that a vote for Russ Feingold, who is currently leading Johnson at the polls, would essentially result in more Latino abortions.

To be clear, this is a super PAC and isn’t coming from the Johnson camp. (It’s against the law for politicians to coordinate with the super PACS that support them.)

The ad blatantly relies on the popular notion that Latinos are largely Catholic, and therefore very much against abortion. And how close is this to reality? Unclear, to be honest. There are conflicting polls that show Latinos being on both sides of the abortion issue. What’s clear as day, however, is that the prohibitively tough regulations for abortion providers that Latinos are supposed to be for disproportionately affected Latina women in Texas, where said measures actually became law before being struck down by the Supreme Court.

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