Racist Brits Verbally Attack Texas Latino Living In England Because Brexit

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This didn’t happen in the U.S., but they probably like Donald Trump.

Texas-born Latino Juan Jasso, who served in the military for seven years and has been living in England for 18 years, was on the receiving end of a racist incident on a public bus in Manchester this week. Sadly, this is the kind of racist and xenophobic behavior that has been growing with alarming frequency since the U.K. voted to leave the EU. Jasso, seen wearing a grey shirt in the video, was verbally assaulted and even had beer thrown on him by three British teenagers.

Just to give you a little insight into how bright these boys (yes, BOYS) are, they shouted at this military veteran to “get back to Africa.” The altercation was caught on cellphone video by a fellow bus rider. You can feel the tension building before the teens eventually take their drunken selves off the bus. The upside to this video? As the teens walk away, you hear a resounding chorus of Brits taking Jasso’s side, calling the drunk, racist teens a disgrace to England. The Greater Manchester Police have arrested three people and are questioning them.

As for Jasso, he definitely held is ground against the teens. At one point, other bus riders held him back and convinced him that they just weren’t worth it. “You are extremely ignorant and not very intelligent, you know that,” Jasso told the teens.

“I think there was an undertone there before this Brexit and the voting within the referendum, but I think the result maybe has pushed people to somehow justify now that they think it’s okay now to act out in this way, which obviously it’s not,” Jasso said about the atmosphere since the Brexit vote, according to The Telegraph. “It hasn’t affected me in any way, shape or form, because I have a little girl here now and I now consider this my home.”

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