Ultimate Style Guide to Nailing Tomboy Sexy


Ultimate Style Guide to Nailing Tomboy Sexy

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If you haven’t heard of them all ready, then take note. Perlas Negras is an all-female Brazilian rap group you should definitely have on repeat and you MUST take fashion-inspo from. The trio from Rio de Janeiro effortlessly mix-and-match jerseys with sequins and booty shorts with layers of gold chain — a style that is the ultimate marriage of cool meets sexy.

Off the Chain


Teens Mariana Alves, Alice Coelho and Jennifer Loiola (L to R) bring ordinary chains to a whole other level. Make gold the centerpiece by layering over a simple black ensemble.

Crème de la Crop


Yes, we all love the crop top. What Perlas Negras does is take this overtly sexy style and give it a girlie flair with pleated skirts, pastels and lace.

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Radiant Reds

Want to scream self-confidence? Wear red. Brave enough to amp it up a bit? Take a cue from this trio and wear red in a bustier, bodycon dress or top with cutouts. Extra points if you add some sassy finger pointing.  ☝️ ?

 B&W Patterns


Black and white is super-sexy and ultra chic, especially when you play with patterns like stripes and chevrons.

Cool B&W


You know you want to be on their fashion team with threads like these. Glam up sporty attire by pairing a jersey with sequin shorts or just go for the gold in a sequin, jerseys-inspired dress.

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Short Shorts


Cutoffs are more than beachwear. Pair leather shorts with a crop top for a date-night worthy outfit. Choose denim with a long-sleeved graphic tee when cruisin’ around the farmers’ market. And opt for blinged out with studs and a graphic sweater when heading to a concert.

Graphic Ts


Sure, plain white T’s are a staple. But give this classic an update by getting one with a giant image of your fave singer.

Color Pop


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