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Stereotypes That Are Absolutely False About Latinos


Stereotypes That Are Absolutely False About Latinos

Why are people still assuming these things in 2019??

We all have a 17 siblings.

Credit: @gabriellaper_z / Instagram

Actually, a lot of us are only children ?.

We’re all hoping to get married by 23 and have our third kid by 26.

Credit: @ostrigemeosdamichele / Instagram

Sorry, many of us are focused on our career.

Or are teen parents.

Credit: sigalaxia / Tumblr

Wrong, AGAIN.

We’re as uber religious as our parents were.

Credit: phuckyourfaves / Tumblr

This is probably the only time we really prayed.

We all look the way Latinas are supposed to look like.

Credit: Latina / sagalsheaux / Tumblr

The oldest sterotype in the book. We’re as blond as Anahí and as golden as Celia Cruz and everything in between. There’s no such thing as looking Latina enough.

We devour spicy food.

Credit: randar / Tumblr

Not even all Mexicans can handle the spice.

Spanish is our dominant language.

Credit: Selena / thebigtino / Tumblr

More like we’re fluent in Spanglish.

We sound like this when we speak English.

Credit: SkittLeZMusicTV / YouTube

Umm, no.

And for the last time, we’re NOT ALL MEXICAN!

Credit: arizonasrobbins / Tumblr

We’re from all over Latin America, hence the term Latino/a.

Not conforming to these stereotypes doesn’t make us any less Latino.

Credit: independentb / Tumblr

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