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Foods You Regret Eating After a Noche de Borrachera

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Foods You Regret Eating After a Noche de Borrachera

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What is the best snack after a night of tequila? Any damn thing you can find. But, let’s face it, by the time you wake up, you regret 99% of the food choices you made.

You start the night with great intentions.

Then, all of a sudden, it’s 2 a.m. and you’re being told to leave the bar, but you’re soooo hungry.

You’ll definitely have a go at Taco Bell.


And no, the San Marcos blanket does not make the food any more Mexican. Get it together!

You’ll try making a fast and Top Chef-worthy meal by mixing all kinds of shit.

Tapatío with your Maruchan? Yasssss!

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You basically turn into a master, fusion chef when you drink.

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Doritos pizza #drunkfood #pizza #doritos

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Because you’re sooo hungry, you don’t have time to eat the pizza and chips separately.

When in doubt, you turn to nachos.

And let’s face it, what is better than cheesy, beefy nachos?

The Classic Drunk Snack: Leftover-palooza!


Remember that Chipotle burrito you had for lunch? Well, half of that bad boy is just waiting for you to sink your booze-soaked teeth into it.

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Even drunk you keep things classy.

Yes, the spread is beautiful, but is it really edible?

Hate onions? Not when you’re drunk AF.

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Mmmm #coneyisland #drunkfood #Detroit

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Me: I’ll take five hotdogs, porfissssss!

Hotdog Vendor: Con que?

Me: Eeeevvvverrythingggggg. ?

We’ve all had the questionable burrito from the only restaurant open after hours…

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It's late. We're drunk.

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Definitely regretted that the following morning.

There’s crowd favorite throw-everything-in-the-fridge-on-a-plate plate.


Guac? Yes! Hunk of cheese that mami left when visiting? Claro! Hell, let’s just add the whole top shelf and call it a day.

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And for the special people who are too drunk to finish their food the same night…

There is always the roll-out-of-bed-into-cold-pizza experience. It’s the best way to sober up.

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