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These Memes Sum Up How Unfazed Latinas are after a Breakup


These Memes Sum Up How Unfazed Latinas are after a Breakup

Credit: @cholaswitattitude / Instagram

We’re built differently. You want to leave? Byeeee ?✋?.

A little breakup is nothing to us.

Your loss, baby menso ?.

First rule is we don’t apologize.

Credit: mitú

We tell you how we really feel.

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Ok, when reality sets in we might be a little phased. Until we have this epiphany.

Psssh. I’m a strong, independent, beautiful brown woman. I don’t need you.

We probably get over breakups so quickly because that’s how momma taught us.

Credit: @karennng_ / Instagram

Like she always says, “los hombres son como los cameones, uno pasa cada 15 minutos.”

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But we’re not always cold, we give second chances.

Credit: @cholazwitattitude / Instagram

With the help of our good friend, la curandera.

And when he fails again, we make sure to keep him in the past.

Been there, done that and I don’t remember you anymore.

No, really. You’re dead to me.

Credit: @vivianahearts / Instagram


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