Quiz: Yep, He’s that One Cholo from Every Movie. Can You Guess Which One by a Screenshot?

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You know Noel G, right? He’s the actor you’ve seen playing (mostly) cholos on TV and in movies. You probably remember him as this cholo in Training Day…

Credit: Warner Bros.

Or Road Dogz… or The X-Files… or S.W.A.T.… or Harsh Times… or Hood of Horror… or Street Kings… YOU GET IT.

Seriously, someone even made a YouTube video with the following description:

Credit: ComedyTimeLatino / YouTube

OK, he’s not exactly the “Mexican guy from every movie.” His name is Noel Gugliemi and he’s an actor-comedian based in Los Angeles.

But… if you had to look at a screenshot of the movies he’s been in, could you guess which movie it was? Here’s your chance:

Burning Questions We Have for Walter Mercado About 2016


Burning Questions We Have for Walter Mercado About 2016

Credit: shantianada / tumblr

There are so many things we need to know about 2016 and there’s only one man who can give us the answers.

Credit: aimchatroom / Tumblr

Yep, that’s our man and here’s what we want to know…

Where the hell is El Chapo hiding?

Credit: el-wn-negativo / Tumblr

The biggest mystery of 2015 carries over into 2016.

What are our parents going to do Saturday nights now that Sábado Gigante is no more?


Credit: @ibejak / Instagram

We’re panicking for them.

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Will we find out what’s really on Trump’s head?

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Bird's nest 2016

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Or it could be pelos de elote or broom sticks. The options are endless.

Will we find out how Vicks is so potent and magical?

Credit: raynotts / Tumblr

We need to know the secret.

Is Selena going to finally get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Credit: sweetbabytee / Tumblr

Because literally everyone has one, BUT her.

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Will J.Lo marry again?

Credit: @neoskinvic / Instagram

She’s still hopeful and we want to see her live her fairytale once again… For the fourth time.

Will Thalía return to telenovelas?

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Let us relive that magic once again ?!

Will there be a Rebelde reunion?

Credit: @anahi / Instagram

They keep teasing us!

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Will a Latina win on The Bachelor?

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On our way to see the Mayan ruins 👭

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Disclaimer: She’s not a contestant. But should be.

Will Selena Gomez ever forgive Justin?


Credit: @myjelena.world / Instagram

Our educated guess is… No.

Will this Lay’s flavor become a reality?

Credit: mitú

Please say yes!

What questions do you have about 2016? Let us know an don’t forget to share!