You Can’t Make It through this List of Mexican Candy without Making Your Mouth Water


You Can’t Make It through this List of Mexican Candy without Making Your Mouth Water

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In no particular order, because we can’t pick a favorite.


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It’s like fruit leather, but the upgraded version. And this candy lives up to its name… yes, you can give someone a cachetada with it.

2. Pelon Pelo Rico

Guess who loves who the most. #mexicancandy

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These are the ones everybody runs for when there’s a piñata because it’s one of the best tamarindo candies around and the push-pop ensures you get every last drop of it.

3. Cucharitas

Walking around #Disneyland with these in my pocket. #mexicancandy

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Forget peanut butter on a spoon, we want a cucharada de tamarindo.

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4. Limón 7

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It may not be technically considered candy, but this lime powder is so addictive!

5. Rebanaditas 

Love at first sight. ❤️ #chilelollipop#rebanaditas#pica#yummy#mexicancandy#thebest#mouthwatering#sandia

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Is your mouth watering yet?

6. Lucas Salsagheti

#bomb #salsagheti

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I’ll take a lifetime supply of these, please.

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7. Skwinkles Rellenos

Rellenos de sabor :v #skwinkles

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They’re like sugary flautitas… with the perfect mix of spicy and sweet.

8. Locochas de Sandia

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The center of locochas are liiiife. They’re sweet on the outside, but when you get to the center, you get that burst of chile. Ugh, so good!

9. Vero Mango Paletas

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Two of everyones favorite things: chile y mango. Winning.

10. Pulparindo

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Fruit roll-ups wish they were this good. They’re thick and smothered in chilito. Yummm!

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11. Rockaletas

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4 layers of chili, yes. Just, yes.

12. Rellerindos

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Anything with a tamarindo filling is like ??.

13. Pulpadip

Awee yea. #pulpadip #Mexicancandy

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This here is probably the most addicting candy and you can’t throw away the bottle until you’ve squeezed it completely.

14. Muecas

Día de "La Gastritis" jijijijiji…. #100happydays #day24 #lucasmuecas #delicioso ?

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Perfect amount of chili every single time.

15. Tajín

This is not a candy… lol I beg to differ #tajinIScandy

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Yes, the seal reads “this is not a candy,” but we beg to differ.

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