Quinceañera Vals Dances that Went Totally Wrong


Quinceañera Vals Dances that Went Totally Wrong


Bésame en tiempo de vals, un dos tres un dos tres, sin parar de bailar.

When you hear that song at a quinceañera, you know what time it is: the moment for a choreographed vals the damas and chambelanes have spent weeks practicing. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, though. Take a look:

The Chambelanes and Damas Who’ve Got Their Friend’s Back


When this quinceañera was pulled a ‘lil too hard by the chambelan de honor, she took a spill.


But her quick-thinking crew saved the vals by hitting the floor and lightening the mood. Remember, true friends won’t let you take the fall by yourself.

The Chambelanes Who Need to Work Out


That chair is kinda flimsy, but guys, next time do some P90X before the main event.

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The Quinceañera Who Became Target Practice


These chambelanes did what very few can do: lift up the quinceañera without a hitch.


Until some hater SHOT A FIRECRACKER at the quinceañera. Way to kill the vals and the vibe.

The Phantoms of the Opera

6-quinceanera-fall (1)

C’mon, it’s not their fault — they can barely see with those masks on!

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The Clown that Didn’t Make Her Laugh

Some people hire a DJ, others hire a clown. OK, very few hire a clown. Maybe this is why: this payaso kicks off his routine with some sketchy grinding — on a 15-year-old.


Then he does this. ROTF. No, like, seriously. Rolling on the floor — ayuda!

The Couple that Probably Broke Up

Quinceañera: “Babe, don’t drop me. OK?”

Chambelan: “I got you, boo.”

Chambelan: “Oops!”

Quinceañera: “UGH.”

Chambelan: “My bad. Vente mija.”

Chambelan: “No que no?”

Quinceañera: “Way to finish. But you still dropped me, fool.”

Sorry, compadre. You’re going to need more than a box of chocolates to get on her good side again.

The One with the Chones

Yeah, her dad probably wasn’t too happy about this one.


That Girl is on Fire!!!

Things started off so well — flaming margaritas anyone? Until a pesky moth ruined everything.

Flames + Quinceañera Dress = PANDEMONIUM.

Until a hero arrives, sacrificing his black T-shirt for the safety of a girl who has just become a woman.

But his T-shirt is no match for that flaming dress. Time to stop, drop and roll.

Quinceañera over. Goodnight, everyone. No se les olvide el centro de mesa.

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