Puerto Rico’s “Next Big Thing” Is Back With Music That’ll Make Your Head Bob

Credit: yoAlvaroDiaz / YouTube

“Tarjeta de crédito a nombre de su papá… Ella no sabe ya ni en qué más gastar.”

Earlier this month, Álvaro Díaz dropped “San Juan Grand Prix,” an album he says was inspired by the movie “Rush.” The film centers around two Formula 1 race car drivers whose hate for each other drives them to the very best at their craft. Like the characters in “Rush,” Díaz says he wanted to channel his negative energy into something positive. “San Juan Grand Prix” is the result. “Carro Rápido,” one of the singles from the album, has a distinct ATL-meets-San Juan sound. But don’t call it trap music. In a mini-doc posted to his official YouTube, Díaz says if you want to categorize his sound, he’d lean toward calling it “Hip Hop Alternativo.” Give it whatever name you want. Díaz’s music works no matter what you call it.

For more songs from “San Juan Grand Prix,” visit Álvaro Díaz’s official YouTube.

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