Meet The Latino Ballplayer Making The Postseason Exciting To Watch

Meet Javi Baez. The 23-year-old Chicago Cubs second baseman has become the talk of baseball for his jaw-dropping feats on the field — and in the dugout.

The Puerto Rican pelotero was instrumental in the Cubs’ first round playoff victory over the San Francisco Giants.

In game 4 versus the Giants, the Cubs staged a ninth inning comeback that was capped off with an RBI single by Baez.

There were two plays by Baez that had baseball fans buzzing. The first was a diving catch that was followed by a desperation throw to first that *almost* resulted in an out.

“That’s barely humanly possible,” exclaimed announcer Matt Vasgersian. Although the runner was initially called out by the empire, a video review resulted in the runner being called safe at first.

But the real highlight of the game was the moment when Baez almost dropped his gum while sitting in the dugout.

Credit: FS1 / MLB

Baez showed off his cat-like reflexes and caught it before it was tainted by the dirt in the dugout.

Credit: FS1 / MLB

He even had the presence of mind to look for a camera and make sure there was no mistake: that was a catch.

Credit: FS1 / MLB

Here’s the full clip:

Even when he’s not on the diamond, Baez is turning heads:

Salute to you, Javi Baez…

For making baseball so much fun to watch this postseason.

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