10 People Got Arrested At Marco Rubio’s Office After Demanding Gun Reform

Protesters stage sit-in at Rubio’s officeProtesters staged a sit-in at Marco Rubio’s office demanding action on gun reform

Posted by NowThis Election on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Despite no longer for running for president, Marco Rubio has taken control of the media cycle in the Sunshine State following a pretty eventful week. But the most notable thing to happen for Rubio is the arrest of 10 protesters that were participating in a 49-hour sit-in in honor of the victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. The protest stemmed from the GOP politician’s fearful and divisive rhetoric and policies that affect LGBTQ Floridians of color, according to protesters.

“He continues to terrorize Orlando’s LGBTQ communities of color by adhering to a platform of so-called ‘conservative values,’ which discriminates, dehumanizes and denies access to the American dream,” the protesters wrote in a statement according to NY Daily News.

The protesters’ demands were simple: Equality and an end to gun violence.

About 60 people participated in the sit-in, demanding that Rubio fight for gun laws and equality.

However, since the building is privately owned, protesters were asked to leave, and most did.

But a few stayed behind to keep up the fight. That’s when the cops got involved.

Keep in mind, they were arrested for protesting for gun reform.

Don’t forget, gun violence in Orlando convinced Rubio to run for reelection in the first place.

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But, hey! He’s a politician, and politicians do what politicians do.

So, what does this mean for his polling numbers?

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Somehow, he is ahead of both of his competitors because Florida.


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Que vergüenza.

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