Pregnancy Photos, It’s a Thing in Brazil

Move over Brazilian wax, there’s a new trend in town.  Along the streets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo all the cool people are getting pregnancy photos. You heard that right – the girls from Ipanema are flaunting their bikinis and their baby bumps from the beaches to Facebook. ?

Add a continent obsessed with social media (their What’s App downloads and selfie snaps) + a country that likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion trends, and you get a lot of new mommies posing wistfully with #thebump.

NPR reports photo sessions can start at $500 – which is peanuts to a rising Brazilian middle class. Say what?! $500! That’s like two months of student loan payments! Babies ARE expensive.

Ale Crisostomo, a photographer who has been shooting families for almost a decade, said she likes to “capture the look in women’s eyes, the love, the waiting for the big day,” but there is a lot of competition to do so -and she will trek through Rio’s parks to do it.

“In Rio, there is a kind of magic that brings people to here, because of the nature, the landscapes, the beauty that we have here,” says Carniere. She adds the parks’ safety also have a hand in why families come flocking.

For some reason, we are not surprised so many women want to show off the little miracle growing inside of them. Instagram is filled with Brazilian fashion bloggers and the catwalks are strutted with women like Gisele and Adriana – perhaps Brazilian women feel they have a lot to live up to when it comes to social standards, and parading the little human growing inside of them is another moment for them to look #onfleek.

What do you think of this trend? Is is #cray or #slay? Tell us in the comments below!

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When a Manager Bullies His Undocumented Employee, Tempers Soar

Things That Matter

When a Manager Bullies His Undocumented Employee, Tempers Soar


CREDIT: ABC / mrduckbears24 / YouTube

Working Hard for the Money

Every day, thousands of employers take advantage of undocumented immigrants who often work grueling hours for very little pay. Many of these immigrants feel they cannot speak up against ‘the man’ for fear of retaliation, or worse – being turned in to authorities and getting deported.

The video above tests the waters with several patrons at a restaurant over this dividing issue. We couldn’t help but cringe as we gingerly pressed the ‘play’ button. What would people say? Would they stand their ground and defend an unknown person’s basic human rights, or would they turn the other way?

What happens might surprise you. Let’s just say, we were giving virtual high-fives and holding back some major waterworks.

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