Watch Tina Fey Try Her Hardest to Name 20 Latino Performers

Comedian, writer and kick-ass Oscars host Tina Fey was a guest on the frenetic TV show Billy on the Street. Host Billy Eichner, known for running around NYC asking strangers rapid-fire questions, slowed things down (a little) and had Fey play a game called “LaTina Fey.” Eichner asked Fey to pretend she was giving an Oscars speech and “thank” 20 Latino performers in just 60 seconds. How did she do?

Yeah, Fey’s first response was actually “Um, the woman from Jane the Virgin!”

Eichner then clarified things for Fey: “GINA RODRIGUEZ!!!”

Gina Rodriguez took it all in stride:

Watch for yourself:

Credit: Billy on the Street / YouTube

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Fey, who isn’t on Twitter, didn’t reply. But Billy Eichner did.


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