Photos Show Aftermath of Horrific Earthquake that Shook Chile

A 8.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the central coast Chile on September 16, triggering strong aftershocks and small tsunamis along the coastline. The powerful earthquake could be felt as far away as Argentina. The quake was so strong, officials in the United States issued tsunami advisories along the California coast and Hawaii as precautions.

The deadly earthquake struck at 7:54 p.m. local time.

Terrified, people filled the streets as their homes shook violently.

Tsunami warnings were issued for the entire Chilean coast.

One million people were evacuated from their coastal homes.

Tsunamis battered the Chilean coast north and south of the epicenter.

Waves as high as 15 feet devastated low-lying towns.

Residents inspected the full damage the following day.

Hundreds of thousands of families remain without power.

And towns are still under water.


Chilean President Michelle Bachelet declared a catastrophe zone in the coastal cities.

In the aftermath, some offered perspective.


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