Philly Has No Chill by Selling All This Cheesy Pope Merchandise

What do Americans love more than capitalism? Global figures, of course, and Philadelphia is not immune. Pope Francis’s September visit has set off a firestorm in the City of Brotherly Love with independent retailers clambering to create Pope inspired merchandise that will make you open your wallet and throw them your money. You can get anything you ever hoped would have the Holiness’s likeness. Really. Check out some of the things Philadelphians have made to commemorate the Pope’s visit.

You can get anything with the Pope’s face on it.

Like, everything…

“I Mitre Pope Francis”???

Your favorite brands are now Pope-d out.

Gotta. Bless. ‘Em. All.

Wait, what?

If you want something a little more Philly, they’ve got that too.

Can’t forget those Philly-based TV classics:

Even gays can get in on the fun.

Some people have even made the Pope edible.

Or maybe you’d prefer the Pope to be a bit…cheesy. ?

At least you have this beauty to wash it down.

Even your pup can show his love for Papa Francisco!

Would you buy any of the Pope merchandise? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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