Trump, the U.S. and Terrorists: Peruvian Shamans Make Predictions about Our World

Shamans Predict the Future for 2016Shamans in Peru predict that Trump will not be the Republican nominee.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Credit: AJ+ / Facebook

Buh-bye Trump

Shamans in Peru have welcomed 2016 with their annual gathering and predictions for the new year. Here’s to hoping they’re mostly right.

“We have Donald Trump who is not so favorable with his racists comments, his warmongering, his strong negativity,” one of the shamans said. “The U.S. will band strongly together so that he does not become the official candidate.” Fingers-crossed all that spitting and plant-waving works!

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He continued with good news by saying “the United States will benefit from the new business relationship in Cuba,” but — and here’s where we hope they’re wrong — Europe will unfortunately be hit by terrorist attacks again.

Check out what other predictions the shamans have for the new year in the video from AJ+ above.

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