People Who Cross the Border: See Their Faces and Hear Their Voices

It’s time you meet them. It’s time to put a face to the crisis. It’s time to get to know the thousands of kids and young adults from Central America seeking refuge. We’ve read their stories about their journey and their struggle, both at home and in the detention centers. But we haven’t heard the story directly from them…until now.

Photographer Oliver Contreras and CARECEN, the Central American Resource Center, want to change that with the project “Unaccompanied.” They’re giving a platform to share to girls like Erminia, who at 15 traveled across the desert into the United States barefoot after her shoes fell apart. Also hear from Marvin, who spent four weeks sleeping on a prison floor after he was caught by Mexican immigration when he was 14. Both of these teenagers decided this was better than staying in their home country with no hope for the future.

A recent article in the Washington Post says this project “seeks to demonstrate the realities that youth immigrants face: the doubts, aspirations, complexity and humanity of their experience.”

Read more about their stories and the full article here.

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