People Are Staging Major Protests Across The Nation Against A Trump Presidency

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It’s been less than a week since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and people are protesting in several major cities. Although most of the protests have been peaceful, some have turned violent and been classified as riots. The message these Americans are sending is clear. They are not happy with the outcome.

Los Angeles has been protesting every day since the election results.

There was a march in downtown Los Angeles the very night of the election and protests have been scheduled every night since then with a large-scale march planned for Saturday. Wednesday’s protest saw chaos as anti-Trump protesters vandalized cars and shut down the 101 freeway.

Chicagoans descended onto the city’s Trump Tower to show their dissatisfaction with the election.

Protesters chanted a pro-immigrant chant saying “immigrants are welcome here.”

New York City has also been experiencing anti-Trump protests.

According to the Facebook Event Rally against Trump in NYC!, the protests are designed to “build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia!”

Even states that went red, like Texas, are seeing people take to the street to protest the president-elect.

Much like the other protests, Austinites took to the streets to show the immigrant community that they stand with them. “Say it loud. Say it clear. Immigrants are welcome here,” protesters chanted.

California also witnessed San Franciscans taking to the streets in protest.

During one protest in San Francisco, protesters made it clear they don’t want Trump chanting, “Hey, hey. Ho, ho! Donald Trump has got to go!

Thousands of protesters marched in Seattle during the early morning hours of November 10.


Not to be outdone in the state of Texas, Dallasites also marched.

We’re talking hundreds of people.

Bostonians took their disapproval straight to the state house.

The chant in Boston: “Not the nation that I know. Donald Trump has got to go.”

Residents in Boulder took a different approach to their protest and it was not strictly against Donald Trump.

Protesters in Boulder, Colo., focused on the patriarchy rather than the president-elect himself.

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Bernie Sanders Response When Asked If He Knows Who Selena Quintanilla Is Will Give You Life


Bernie Sanders Response When Asked If He Knows Who Selena Quintanilla Is Will Give You Life

These days, nothing captures the sentiment of millions of young Latino voters like Selena’s “Dreaming Of You.”

America today. 😓

Posted by We are mitú on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So it only felt natural to put the two together… And the Internet agreed.

Because after being faced with the reality that Donald President has been elected president of the United States, many were left dreaming of the Vermont senator and everything he stood for. And only a few days after being posted, the Bernie Sanders “Dreaming Of You” mashup video has captured the eyes of close to 8 million people — including the Vermont senator himself.

mitú met up with Bernie Sanders this weekend to show him the viral video he’s a star of, and his reaction is as adorable as you’d imagine.

Credit: mitú

He’s blushing!

When the Vermont Senator was asked if he even knew who Selena was, he gave the cutest response…

Our Revolution Board Member Assemblywoman Lucy Flores asked, “Do you know who Selena is?” He responded with:

“I’m old, but I’m not THAT out of touch.”

Okay Bernie, we see you.

Credit: avonleas / Tumblr


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