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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Peruvian Chef Because, Just Look At Him

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Franco Noriega is taking the world by storm (okay, maybe just the Internet and social media). The Peruvian model turned chef has been making people lose their minds over just how sexy he is. Don’t believe it? Check it out. The world has never been this thirsty.

This is Franco Noriega, a NYC-based chef and model that is setting the Internet on fire.


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Credit: @franconorhal / Instagram

Noriega has been using his perfectly toned body for, what else, modeling. The Peruvian statue has been seen walking the runways for Dolce & Gabbana long before he opened a restaurant. ??????

Noriega has opened not one, but two restaurants in New York City this year.


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Credit: @franconorhal / Instagram

On May 26, he opened Baby Brasa in the Lower East Side. On June 6, Brasa opened in South Williamsburg. The concept of the restaurant is Peruvian rotisserie chicken with a focus on clean eating.

“I’m used to eating clean and healthy,” Noriega told Eater about his restaurant concept. “I’m basically doing that here.”


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Credit: @franconorhal / Instagram

The model, who at one point wanted to be actor, actually comes from a long line of culinary professionals. According to his interview with Eater, his parents owned several restaurants around Lima, Peru.

Even though he is making some moves in the food world of NYC, his modeling career will not be put on hold.

NEW UNDERWEAR CAMPAIGN FOR CHILE @topunderwear @nextmodelsmiami ? @jon_jacobsen

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Credit: @franconorhal / Instagram

Since the opening of his restaurant, people on the Internet are just showering the dude with love.

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Like, so much love. He will probably be someone’s #MCM every Monday because…

And it is more than just his physique. Just look at that smoldering look!

Credit: @lagachaa / Twitter

? ❤️

Clearly, Noriega has found his place in this world and no one will ask him to leave any time soon.

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*packs bags and makes reservations at Brasa* ✈️

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