This Non-Traditional Elote Recipe Is Pissing Lots Of People Off

The wonderful people* at Tastemade U.K. recently posted a “Mexican Corn” recipe video to Facebook and the backlash was INSTANT.

Credit: Tastemade UK
*I’ve never met any of them but I assume they’re all beautiful, well-meaning human beings.

The video starts off well enough, with two ears of corn being roasted.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Aaaand… things go south pretty quickly once the recipe calls for Feta cheese.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Yes, FETA.

Credit: Comedy Central

OK, that’s weird, but let’s power through it. Next is parmesan cheese, which can work when you’re in a pinch.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Next up are, um, chives…

Credit: Tastemade UK

Which will make most people familiar with Mexican elotes say:

Credit: MCA Records

But wait! There’s more! The recipe then calls for a little chile and lots of… yogurt.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Oh, United Kingdom… first you add an “H” to yogurt and then you add yogurt to elotes. Tsk, tsk.

By this point, you’re probably looking at your screen like this:

Credit: Harpo

Stay with me. We’re almost done.

The recipe then calls for mayo to be added along with the yogurt. It still needs some powdered chile, right? Nope. This recipe calls for paprika.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Yogurt, feta and paprika? Lots of annoyed commenters dragged Tastemade UK for presenting their recipe as an “authentic” dish.

Credit: Tastemade UK / Facebook

Someone even called it “insulting” to Mexicans.

Credit: Tastemade UK / Facebook

Another person asked “who did this” but actually wanted names.

Credit: Tastemade UK

Look, did Tastemade screw up by presenting that recipe as the traditional elote preparado recipe most people are used to? Sure. They could have called this “Mediterranean-inspired Mexican Corn” and saved themselves some grief. But it’s too late now, though, so all we can say is this:

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